Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Because an Auntie ALWAYS Has Cookies...

Except for this time.

A couple of weeks ago my bestie, Drea, and her daughter (my niece), Olivia, came down to visit me. The Hubster was working or something, so we decided to make it a girls night which would involve making some dinner, hanging out, and baking some cookies!

So, we cooked our dinner, and hung out for a bit, and then got ourselves all set up to do some hardcore baking of some yummy cookies of the chocolate chip and M&M variety.

First, we put our aprons on:

Olivia is actually wearing one of my aprons, but we had to get creative with tying it so it wouldn't drag on the ground. Here she is in all of her cuteness:

First we put the butter in the mixer...

And had to check it out in the bowl...

And she wanted to taste it, of course!

Impromptu picture moment! Clearly she was more interested in the cookies...

Adding the sugar! She tasted that, too.

Mix, mix, mix, and wait, wait, wait...

Adding the eggs...

and the vanilla... She was so intent on doing it all, saying "Livy do it!"

A flour-y faced smile :)

Time to add the candy!

SO proud of herself!


And all done!

I'm so proud of this little munchkin, and love her to pieces. Now, when she comes to my house, she says "Auntie, cookies?" Look what I started!

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