Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Dynamite Comes in a Small Package

Unbeknownst to me, I've been lying to you. And myself.

Let me explain...

Yesterday I went to meet my new primary care doctor. Since my employer switched insurance carriers the only time I've been to the doctor is by going to urgent care so I figured it was time I establish a healthcare provider. I met this lovely woman who fits the bill perfectly, but prior to meeting her I got to do all the fun weighing in crap with her nurse, who is hilarious by the way.

I was almost in the room when she says "Wait a second, let's get your height!"

Ugh. Okay. So I pop off about how I can tell her my height, joking about how close to being 5' I am, all 4' 11.5" of me. Still, I slip off my shoes (why did I do that?!) and stand under the ruler.

"58.5 inches", she says.

Okay, math is not my forte but even I know that 60" is 5'. After doing the math I realize...

I'm a whole inch shorter than I thought I was.

4' 10.5".

I looked at her and said "Way to burst a short girl's bubble!" she giggled a little, but then stopped no knowing if I was joking or not.

I sorta wasn't, but sorta was. I mean, I'm short (duh), I get it. But, man! Just one measly inch was all I was asking for. Is that so hard?!

Oh well, gonna stick with my mantra...

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