Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Because It's Not Dead Yet

You know the saying about beating the proverbial dead horse, right? Let the bludgeoning commence.

I am SO tired of waiting on this house deal. It is so consuming, of EVERYTHING. It's what we think about, talk about, sing about. Okay we don't really sing about it, but you get the idea. I have even been known to stomp my feet and throw a bit of a tantrum because it seems to be taking FOR.EV.ER. The Hubster and I haven't began a single sentence in each other's presence that didn't begin with the words "When we get our house...". So you can probably imagine the hilarity that is our home when our conversations surround one major topic in our lives. That fly on the wall is probably thinking "Jesus! Talk about something else already!"

Needless to say, this tiny house is slowly taking over our minds and our lives.

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