Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Officially a Grown-up!

Well, we did it!

The Hubster and I... bought a house. See!
I know, right... What the heck? We were buying a house?! Bet you couldn't tell that from the prior posts where I lamented about the stress and waiting and moving and good Lord THE WAITING! But, we did it! We are homeowners and officially living in the "Grown-up" world.

Now we get to do the fun stuff, like pick out paint colors and buy a new couch. The not so fun stuff, the actual moving of the belongings, will come once all the enjoyable tasks have been completed. And I'm not even that "Ugh!" about moving really. I don't mind moving things to a different place, setting them up in a way that is new and fresh, and then settling in to our new home life. I enjoy all that a lot, actually. It's the whole moving on a 100 degree day that's going to make this not so enjoyable.

I've decided we'll move everything super early before it gets too hot outside, and reward everyone who helps with pitchers of mimosas and trays of cinnamon rolls.

Incentive? I think so!

Here are a few more pictures of our new place!

Our backyard, with a built in brick BBQ pit! Perfect for summer parties! :)

Our Living Room... with original hardwood floors that were just refinished!

Our kitchen! Newer cabinets and a brand new stove!

Eat your hearts out, and I'll post more pics of the new and improved house, once we paint and move in!

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