Friday, July 10, 2009

Moments of Peace

These past few weeks have been so many different things for us. We've been going through the process of buying our first home, and I'm still failing to see any order or sense in all that we're doing, but it must be done (says the almighty giver of the loans). It's pretty much a big game of "Hurry Up and Wait". Joy. Aside from all of that, we've had some really great days too, some that I will always look back on and smile, remembering how I felt at that EXACT moment.

Do you ever have those moments? You know, when you want to bottle up whatever emotion it is that you're feeling at that moment, and keep it close by just so you can feel it again and again?

Over the weekend of the 4th we went camping. Well, sort of. The Hubster would call it "Sleeping in a parking lot", and did several times during the trip. We "camped" at this little tiny RV park on Silver Lake, near Mt. St. Helens. It was literally like a parking lot, and our spot was right next to the busy (read: noisy) road. And even though it was hot out, and the park was right on the lake, we didn't go swimming. Why, you ask? Because the water was GREEN. Not like a pretty green, like pea soup green. Put your feet in the water and you can't see them because the water is GREEN. But, in spite of all that we had fun! Sure, the mosquitoes were out in full force and we all got eaten alive, but this quaint little park had some stuff going on - Their fireworks display was awesome! It lasted for at least 45 minutes and wasn't tiny to say the least. And they had a paddle boat contest throughout the day on the 4th, so 4 of the guys from our group raced. My brother and his friend made it to a 2nd heat... Where they were promptly beaten by two little boys and two middle aged women! Hahaha... Amazing. I think The Bestie might have gotten it on tape, now that I think about it...

But that moment, that one particular feeling that still sits with me today, happened after we'd packed up all the food, torn down the tent, said goodbye to our friends and family, and packed up the car, dogs and all.

The Hubster's aunt has some property up in the area we were camping in, so we decided to drive up there to let the dogs run around off leash before we headed back to the city. Along the way we stopped at the beginning of the logging road to let Chubbs have a run along side the car.

Here's Chubbs:

So distinguished :)

Now, The Hubster has done this several times with Chubbs, but I've never seen it before. We had one VERY excited dog on our hands! And he totally knew it was coming. As soon as we turned onto the logging road he started pacing the back seat, whimpering to be let out. So out he goes and Zoom! He's off, tearing down the dirt road, a cloud of dust billowing out behind him. Immediately we're off, keeping up with our beloved pooch. And let me tell you, that 10 year old dog of ours can run! We were going about 15 mph and at one point he lost us around a corner (sneaky bugger, tried to take a foot bridge), but a quick honk of the horn brought him running back to us. At this point, Chloe is FREAKING out in the car, so we decided to let her run too.

Have you met Chloe yet?

Cute, isn't she? :)

This is them together, just for fun:

So out goes Chloe and Poof! She's flying down the road in Chubbs' dust filled wake. Oh how I wish I could have seen her face, but I didn't need to. Her body language told me plenty. She wasn't just running down the road, she was LEAPING! Soaring! Sprinting! She kept up with that big dog who's legs are at least 5 times the length of hers, and she was happy. Free. With each leap, I could hear her thoughts... "Freedom!" "No leash!" "Dirt!" "Birds!" "Freedom!" NO LEASH!" "I'm running!"

It was hilarious.

We made it to the end of the logging road, about a half a mile, where we stopped to give the dogs some water and enjoy being under the canopy of pine trees.

And that's when I saw their faces.

The look they both shared was one of pure Joy.




I wanted to freeze time right then and there. I took mental snapshots of their faces (camera was packed, where?), determined to remember the moment exactly as it happened. Exactly as it felt. There I was in the middle of nature, with the love of my life and our "kids", and I don't think I could have felt more Joy.




Remembering those little moments have helped me get through the times when I just wanted to toss in the towel with this whole house thing. The times when I am frustrated with my job, or life in general.

Find those moments in your life, and live to make more of them.

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