Monday, January 26, 2009

Starting off my day...

Every weekday morning as I'm getting ready for work, I am lucky enough to experience something that is just lovely.

Each morning when I get up I make my way quietly out of the bedroom and close the door almost all the way so as not to wake up the sleeping hubby. It's open just wide enough for the dogs to go in and out if they so choose. Eventually I'll make my way out to the living room to watch Good Day Oregon and apply my makeup. I find it much more comfortable on the couch, instead of a violently cold bathroom, so I cocoon myself in a blanket and start the painting process.

Usually about the time Andy Carson comes on to tell us what he THINKS the weather will be like, I hear this little clickity-clicking coming down the hallway in my direction. Pretty soon Chloe's little nose will peek around the corner into the living room. She's all sleepy eyed and has the WORST case of bed head I've ever seen, yet she's freaking adorable. So she'll stand there and wait until I greet her "Come here, Sweets", or something of that nature, to which she'll respond to by slowly making her way over to the couch to jump up and flop into my lap. She'll roll around and rub her face with her paws, reminding me of a super tired toddler who can't stop from rubbing their eyes... it's ADORABLE, and the perfect way to begin my workday :)

I'll post pictures soon.

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