Friday, January 23, 2009

Freakin' Awesome

So... we've been actively making decisions that are financially responsible... Not leaving the heat on when we're not home (hey, the dogs have fur), shopping the sales for everything, and getting by with a TV antenna and static-y channels. Well, static-filled channels BE GONE! We're moving up in the world and getting basic cable. Whoo! Comcast is having a killer deal right now so we're getting cable for $10 a month. That's right, ten bucks! AND they're offering free installation through tomorrow. Guess we can't really kick ourselves for spending that. Think of all the options we'll have when it comes to watching bad TV...

Law & Order (all of 'em!)
American Idol
Talk shows!!!

and last but certainly not least... TLC! I love watching that channel, and all the Love, Wedding, and Baby Stories.

Oh, and I'm sure Kjell will like the fact that he can watch pretty much any sporting event, too. Crap... I just realized all of this will be in place just in time for the Superbowl. Thank God we have 2 TV's and I can go watch my girly shows without complaint from the hubby.

So excited!

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