Monday, January 11, 2010

If Mediocrity Were Acceptable...

Then I, too, might just be accepted in the world of fitness and health.

The past week started out great. I was setting goals and meeting them, I was energized, making healthy choices, and drinking WATER of all things. I know, right? Then, Wednesday came around and not only did I shred it, I also went to Evie's dance class at Vega, so I had an extra hour of cardio that day too. So, what gives? What could possibly derail my progress and determination? What would squelch my desire to be healthy, attractive, and thin?

One word. Weekend.

Weekends, oh how I love thee! I love your steadfast rule of "NO ALARM CLOCK!", and the ability to sleep in with my cuddly Hubster and pooches. I love waking up without having to GET up, and just lie in bed for hours watching mindless television.

I also love the fact that I can accomplish so much in your presence, dear Weekend. Laundry is washed, dried, and folded lovingly (and sometimes, grudgingly). Dog hair is swept up and deposited in the nearest trash can only to re-accumulate on the floor because Chubbs loses it faster than we can sweep it up. Dishes are done, meals are planned out, old leftovers are tossed to make room for the new, and Chloe gets a bath. In our tiny little house, for that particular moment in time, all is right with the world.

But why oh WHY can't I get it together with my workouts on the weekends?! I know, it was my first weekend on The Shred, but still! This is the time when I should be lowering my head and charging full speed at this challenge, and where do I find myself? Let me re-cap for you:

Friday - The Hubster and I both work days that day, so I pick him up after work and we head home. Once home, I don't want to do a damn thing, so I don't. No Shred, no dance, nada. We hang out together, cuddle on the couch, maybe even make out a little **blushes** (don't judge me, interwebs! Married people still make out. Right?), and then head to Portland to meet up with a friend real quick like. But then, BUT THEN! What happens?! We're hungry. Must have been all that making out... But either way, tummy's are a grumbling and we need to quiet them. What do we use to stiffle the groans and moans of empty stomachs? Why, none else than McDonald's! I know. I KNOW. Two cheeseburgers, a medium fry, and a large diet coke later and I'm ready to take it all back. Rewind time so I don't go through the drive thru at a fast food restaurant, ready to make a better decision. After eating an incredibly clean and healthy diet the entire week before, good ol' Micky D's was doing a number on my body and making me feel like the grease I just ate. The rest of the night consisted of us sitting on the couch in a nasty food hangover, with The Hubster burping loudly. Ugh.

Saturday - Sad to admit, I didn't Shred on Saturday either. How lame am I?! Aside from not doing The Shred, Saturday wasn't such a bad day actually! Slept in a little, got up and made a healthy breakfast sandwich (whole wheat english muffin, egg, and fat free cheese), cleaned up the house a little, and then went to Push Jones rehearsal where we worked our little tooshies off for two hours, revisiting and re-learning choreography. So, I don't feel as bad for missing The Shred on Saturday since I did SOMEthing. But. Dinner. We decided to make some homemade pizza and I had all the ingredients to make a healthy, whole wheat pizza dough. One problem, though... The yeast I had was old, I guess, so I ran out of time to make our own dough. To the store I go for a couple of the B.oboli pizza crusts. We made a pepperoni pizza with pineapple and tomatoes (and banana peppers for The Hubster), and a garlic chicken pizza with artichoke hearts. Yum-o! It all tasted great, but I didn't even bother to count the calories or fat grams. Too. Much. Effort.

Sunday - Lazy day. Cleaned, did laundry, fought with The Hubster (Sunday tradition, I guess?), snuggled with the dogs, and made an easy dinner of scrambled eggs and wheat toast. Not so bad for the day, but the weekend as a whole was pretty much a loss.

I'm not going to beat myself up too much about it. I'm human, I get lazy, I get tired, and I get burned out. I didn't remain sedentary for the whole weekend, but did have more down time than I wanted. Let's call it a learning experience. The plus side to all of this is that I still wanna keep going! Back on The Shred today, eating healthy is not an option, it's a MUST.

GOOD NEWS!!! Even though I wasn't the best shredder I could be, I still lost weight! I'm down 3 lbs as of this morning, for a total weight of 135. The Hubster is noticing a change in my body, too, commenting on my legs and how they're looking more like "dancer legs". I love that man for so many reasons, but mostly right now for complimenting me on the one part of my body that I despise the most.

I met my goals of drinking 48 oz. of water a day and stretching. Drinking only water at lunch has proven more difficult, though. I've been drinking diet coke AND water. Hopefully I'll be able to wean out the diet coke all together at lunch, but I'm okay with how I'm doing so far. Some water is better than no water!

New goals:
  • Shred at least 5 days a week. Everyone needs a break, so I'm not going to kick myself for taking one. I will, however, kick myself if I continue to have weeks like the previous one.
  • Still drink a minimum of 48 oz. of water a day.
  • Stretch after every workout.

Anyone else doing The Shred? Tell me how it's going for you!


  1. I have another friend shredding too, might be fun to keep tabs on her blog...

  2. Thanks, Shannon! I'll hop over there and take a look :)

  3. @Shannon - thanks for hooking us up!

    Amelia - you are much more eloquent than I am. I had a similar weekend. She really kicks your butt, huh? I am trying to drink more water and less soda/wine and make better eating choices too. I like to blame my set backs on my kids. You should get a couple. :)

    I am looking forward to reading more. (By the way, I would love to be 135. That is my target weight.)

  4. OMG, she totally kicks your butt! And I'm only on Phase 1, I can't even imagine what 2 and 3 will bring. Isn't drinking water so much harder than it should be? Something needs to be done about that... And we'll wait on the kids LOL! Between two rambunctious dogs and a husband, I don't need any more excuses! :) (Also, I should probably note somewhere in my blog that I'm BARELY 5' tall, so 135 for me is still a little on the curvy side of where I'd like to be).