Wednesday, January 6, 2010

And All I See Are Tail Lights

You know that saying, "I feel like I've been hit by a MAC truck"?

This morning I feel like that truck hit me, slammed into reverse and hit me again, and then ran me over again just for good measure. And off it sits there, in the distance, evil red tail lights grinning at me, daring me to move.

I completed my Day 2 workout yesterday. It started off great, although the moves were a little tougher than they were the previous day because my muscles are already sore. But, I pushed through the workout, did all my reps, and felt fabulous at the end. Sweaty, but fabulous. I had energy abounding, which NEVER happens to me after a long day of work and commuting, and I felt happy, too. I guess exercising really does help release those feel good endorphins, eh? So, while still on the high from my workout, I cook a dinner of grilled turkey burgers (no bun), steamed broccoli, and cottage cheese. AND a slice of wheat toast, just because I have to have some carbs, but just one slice, not two like I would have liked.

Then it's off to Target to grab some mineral makeup and some stuff for The Hubster. This trip also included an impulsive purchase of some cute undies, but I'm not going to even let myself feel bad about spending the money because 1.) They're underwear, and everyone needs 'em, 2.) They were actually super cheap, and 3.) I was feeling good! Who doesn't like to buy new underwear when they're feeling good about themselves?

I get home and realize that I'm probably fading fast, so into a nice, hot shower I go and MAN did that feel good! My muscles welcomed the pounding water, massaging my knotted shoulders and aching back into submission. After slipping on my warm, cozy jammies, I crawled into bed and succumbed to sleep.

Which brings me to this morning.


Now, I'm all about working through the soreness, and I know that the tight muscles and an achy body are all indications that I worked hard, but I was not prepared for the extent of my pain. Don't I sound all whiny and stuff? Blech, okay, enough whining. BUT, I am trying to accurately describe what I'm dealing with each day as I complete this workout, so I guess if it's turning into a little whining, that's okay. Those of you who think otherwise can suck it :)

The good news is that the more I move, the better I feel. Slow movements and light stretching helped immensely this morning, and I'm going to try to implement stretching to my morning routine. It's good for my tight muscles, and it feels great to release all that lactic acid that had built up in my muscles overnight.

So, the official word? Day 2 is tougher than Day 1, but not as tough as I'm sure Day 3 will be :)

Also, I've decided I'm going to set daily goals for myself to go along with my workout. Today's goals are:

  • Drink 48 oz. of water before dinner. (If you know me, you know how challenging this is.)
  • Drink ONLY water with lunch.
  • Start a stretching regimen for either the evenings post-work out, or in the mornings.

Think I can do it?

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