Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Be Vewwy, Vewwy Quiet...

We're hunting for houses. And man, are they elusive little buggers!

The Hubster and I have decided that we are ready to step into the adult world. You know, the one with alcohol, cigarettes, porn and, oh yeah, responsibility.

Scary, huh? No, not the porn (although it can be scary). I'm talking about the unspoken, yet nagging feeling of responsibility. The one that says "Hey, pay your credit card bill!" or "Hey, you really don't need that sweater in every color!" But what is worse than your own inner voice telling you not to buy something? That would be the inner voice you've come to trust and depend on telling you, no screaming at you to buy something bigger than 10 sweaters in various shades of blue. And what is my inner voice telling me to buy? A freaking house.

A house. Big investment. HUGE responsibility. Now, this is the point where I could probably say that my inner voice is full of shit, because seriously, 10 sweaters or a house? Um... it'd take a lot less than 30 years to pay those sweaters off, even if they were cashmere. Sounds like my inner voice doesn't know what the hell she's saying, right?

It turns out, if I just listen to what my gut is saying, we could maybe make a decision that would impact us for the rest of our lives. Sure, buying a house is scary. So is getting a haircut by someone who's never touched your hair before (not recommended), or riding on a plane in a thunderstorm (also not recommended, unless that's your thing), however people do it all the time. But, buying a house is smart.

The market is definitely set up for buyers at this point, there is so much inventory and prices are low. Interest rates are low, and dropping as we speak too. AND... first time homebuyers get a tax credit this year if you close before Dec. 1st. Thank you, Obama! Everything is being put in place for the potential purchase... We have a realtor and a mortgage broker, so we're actively looking for houses. AND I work for the MLS, so I get to see almost everything as it comes on the market. The only problem we're running into is finding our house. You know, the one that is just sitting there and waiting patiently for us to come along and discover it in all it's perfectness? Yeah... so far, no such thing exists. We've found a lot of places we liked, but in each of these homes the things we didn't like were glaring. No yard? Not an option with having 2 dogs. Crappy neighborhood? Also not an option with having an easily spooked Wifey who is often home alone waiting for The Hubster as it's getting dark. Way too much work to do? Yeah, we want to be able to live in it if we're paying for it.

So, we're a little stuck in the house hunt, but we're managing through it alright. I think we'd manage better, though, if we weren't stuck in a stupid apartment without a yard, with a stupid landlord who's there every stupid day and who complains about every stupid thing.

Can you tell we're over apartment living?

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